Verdadera Dominicana

Verdadera Dominicana

Verdera Dominicana, is a very unique excursion, not widely offerred, a great choice for those looking for an interesting and diverse adventure, that steps away from normal tours. We will visit many interesting places, explore many different facets of the culture and daily life of the Dominican people, including a visit to a historical landmark, 2 different ranches, a Haitian Vodou Mambo, try many local tasty treats, your choice of horseback riding or a riverboat cruise, a sugar cane plantation, a cigar making factory and more!

  • Specialty Bus: We will travel on a fun specialty bus with a palm frond covered roof. On board the bus, beautiful Dominican girls will perform a local music and dancing show.
  • Macao Beach: the most famous beach on the Punta Cana coastline, it is a huge beach in a large bay with natural sand colored cliffs, turquoise waters and lush tropical vegetation. It is the favorite beach of the Dominican people and tourists alike, an amazing place to swim and take some photos.
  • El Ceibo: is a typical small town, where we will visit a Haitian Vodou Mambo, which is a priestess of this ancient tradition. The Priestess will teach us about the rituals and practice of Vodou now and historically, we may even be able to witness a common ritual. You will also have an opportunity to ask her questions and satisfy your curiousities about this absolutely fascinasting culture!
  • Sugar Cane Plantation: accompanied by a guide, we will explore the methods used in the growing, harvesting and processing of the sugar cane and the daily life of the haitian workers who live and work on the plantation. You will also have the opportunity to taste raw, sweet, juicy, natural cane in its original state before processing, very yummy, and we will try a famous Dominican rum made from molasses, which is also absolutely delicious!!
  • Dominican Ranch #1: Ranch Reale is a traditional ranch specializing in the growing and cultivation of many natural foods, we welcome you to taste the different fruits and foods you see growing during this special ranch tour. Some foods you will see are, platanos, banana trees, breadfruit trees, coffee trees, citrus fruits, mangos, passion fruit, noni fruit and cacao (chocolate) trees, YES! Chocolate grows on trees!! You will have the option to try many of the fruits and things that grow here, as well as the opportunity to purchase these natural products.
  • Cigar Factory: you will be shown how cigars are made and the process involved from growing, to harvesting and processing, some guests may even have the opportunity to try rolling their own cigar. You can also purchase locally made Dominican products here: cigars, rum, mamajuana and Larimar jewelry. No where else on earth is larimar found, only in the larimar mines in the mountains of the Dominican Republic.
  • Cordillera Oriental Mountain Range: as we wind though the curving roads of this beautiful mountain range, you will see an abundance of coconut trees, natural forest with trees, flowers and plants native to the Dominican Republic, the small villages and isolated country homes along the way, give you a glimpse into the true way of life here.
  • Dominican Ranch #2: a very beautiful ranch, set on a hill with breath taking views of the mountains and overlooking a valley with trees, natural lush vegetation and a river. We will stay here a bit, as there are several activvities you can choose from, to take part in.
  • Traditional Dominican family home: this tour inside a Dominican home will show you how the Dominican people live in rural areas, including what you would typically see inside their homes, such as the traditional basic furnishings etc..
  • Horseback Riding OR a RiverBoat Cruise: Each guest may choose ONE of these 2 activities they want to do, both are 30-40 minutes in length. Meander through the tropical landscape on a horse OR, take a cruise down the river on the riverboat, it is our pleasure to offer you this choice, so you can choose the adventure that suits you best.
  • Traditional Dinner & Open Bar: a full traditional chicken or pork dinner and the open‌ ‌bar‌ ‌includes‌ ‌rum,‌ ‌coke‌ ‌cola,‌ ‌sprite‌ ‌&‌ ‌water.
  • City of Higuey: the capital of Altagracia Province, for the Dominican people, it is the most important city of the Dominican Republic, both historically and religiously. We will tour the famous Basilica with its incredible unique architecture and see, up close, the very ancient and priceless artifact, the painting of Our Lady of Altagracia. The edge of the painting is surrounded by diamonds and many other precious stones, **NO photos are permitted in the vicinty of this revered painting.
  • Local market in Higuey, where you will have the opportunity to purchase fresh fruits, aromatic spices and other things, a chance to find something unique to take home with you.


**Rum, coke cola and water is included throughout the whole trip.

**Please contact us with any questions you may have.


Phone/Viber/Whatsapp +1-829-499-9798


Price: $95 ($45 in advance) – Full Day, 9-10 hours approx.