Montana Redonda and Laguna Limon

Montana Redonda and Laguna Limon

Montana Redonda and the Limon Lagoon, provides a great alternative to a full day excursion. The mountain is a beautiful and very sought after destination by vacationing locals and tourists alike. A perfect relaxing day for anyone, the whole family, couples, groups of friends, you will literally feel like a kid again, carefree, playing in the sunshine and connecting with each other in a unique way.


  • Safari Truck: As we travel through the countryside in our open air safari truck, you will see the beauty and simplicity of the Dominican Republic and its people going about daily life, as we meander through the small villages, passing cattle farms and lush vegetation.
  • Montana Redonda: (Redonda Mountain), we drive to the top of this beautiful mountain, the views from up here are absolutely spectacular, mountains, valleys, lush tropical forest and the turquoise ocean unfold before your eyes. and Swings: on the top of this mountain we have a special experience for you, a step back in time, to the excitement of your childhood. There are 2 large swings, cleverly and safely positioned, everyone has the opportunity to swing and you don’t want to skip this! The views from the swing are incredible and it will feel like you have left the earth and are literally in the middle of the sky. This amazing illusion is felt but also captured in unbelievable photos, once in a lifetime incredibly fun pictures!! There is also a straw broom swing, the photos are hilarious, it will look like you are zooming across the sky on a witches broom.
  • Safari Truck: We head down the mountain and towards our next destination, passing through more villages, by country homes and the diverse beauty of the countryside.
  • Laguna Limon: This Lagoon is very large and we have lots to see, before it opens out to the ocean, it is also where we will step aboard our boat.
  • Lazy Boat Ride: We will spend 30-40 minutes on our boat exploring the lagoon. We will see a large array of aquatic life below the surface, breathtaking mangrove forests and an abundance of many species of birds and waterfowl, such as: pelicans, ducks, herons and many many more.
  • Playa Limon: we disembark our boat at Playa Limon, a large and wild beach, untouched by masses of tourists and set in a natural wilderness of beauty. While we are here at the beach, your time is your own to do as you wish, a stroll along the beach, a swim in the turqoise waters, relaxation or a ride on horseback down the beach.
  • Horseback Riding on the Beach: We have included a relaxing horseback ride down the beach for those who wish, for those who dont, thats ok too, our time spent at Playa Limon is completely your free time to do as you wish.
  • Specialty Store: This stop is optional and depends entirely if the guests want to have the opportunity to stop and purchase some of the most unique and popular Dominican products, at great prices. There is a wide variety of rums (tasting is allowed), cigars, noni juice, coffee, cocoa, magnets, snail cream and whale sperm cream (both of these face creams produce incredible results in the tightness, tone and texture of your skin) and many other souvenirs are available.


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Price $70 ($20 in advance)